Maithri urges SC to reconsider Easter Sunday attack allegations
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Maithri urges SC to reconsider Easter Sunday attack allegations

Maithri urges SC to reconsider Easter Sunday attack allegations

Former President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday urged the Supreme Court to reconsider the allegations made against him through the fundamental rights petitions related to the Easter Sunday attacks, taking into account the new developments and situation that have been brought to light by UK’s Channel 4 News.


Faizer Musthapha PC appearing for former President Sirisena made this request when the twelve Fundamental Rights petitions in which former President Maithripala Sirisena and several others who were ordered to pay compensations to the victims of Easter Sunday attacks were called before the Supreme Court.


Mustapha emphasized the importance of re-examination of these petitions following the new developments and further said a Parliament Select Committee is to be appointed to inquire into the facts revealed by the Channel 4 News.


Senior Counsel Gamini Perera appearing for one of the petitioners told the court that they will take necessary steps to file contempt of court applications against the respondents for their failure to comply with the Supreme Court’s order to pay compensation to the Easter Sunday victims.


A motion filed on behalf of former President Sirisena stated that out of Rs.100 million ordered by the Supreme Court, the former President has paid a total sum of Rs.15 million to the Office for Reparations on June 28, 2023.


The former President stated that he would pay the remaining sum of Rs.85 million in 10 equal instalments of Rs.8,500,000 per annum commencing from 30th June 2024 and ending on 30th June 2033.


Meanwhile, Counsel who appeared on behalf of former State Intelligence Service (SIS) Director Nilantha Jayawardena informed court that his client has made a partial payment but he is not in a position to pay the rest of the amount.


Nilantha Jayawardena had been ordered to pay Rs.75 million as compensation by the Supreme Court for his failure to perform statutory duties. Further hearings are fixed for November 2.