The saviuor physician
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The saviuor physician

The saviuor physician

"Next patient please!'



A middle aged thin man with tan, sun burnt skin entered into the cabin with her wife and young daughter. The man looked as if he is a labourer.



"Who is the patient?"



"He is doctor." The woman replied making the man sit infront of  me."



"Fine, may I know your problem please?"



"Sir, today also I took him here forcibly.He rejected everytime I asked him to consult a physician." uttered wife.



"Doctor, please do not misunderstand myself. I usually consult a village doctor in any case.But because he is not available these days, I consulted another doctor." said the patient and placed all the prescribed medicines by that particular physician on my table.



"Oh! Is that so? let me check these medicines."



Meanwhile, the patient further said, "Doctor,it is hard for me to eat from a long time.My throat is paining and burning.It is hard to swallow and I get frequent stomachaches too."



"Did you feel burning stomach?"



"Yes doctor."



"Ah! these medicines are given to you for those matters."



Meanwhile, I noticed  an informal red scar behind the neck and neck was bit swollen too.



"Is this red scar from a long time on your neck?"



"Yes doctor, it is there nearly from 6-7 months."



"Didn't you show this to any physician?"



"No doctor, I didn't care much about it."



"Ok fine, let me check your neck a little."






"Mmm....there is a small tumour on your neck at the right bottom.Let's scan this. There's nothing to be scared.For now, I will give you some pain killers.But remember! You must do this scan as soon as possible and show me the reports.Got it?"



"Ok doctor, defenitely!"



A letter was issued to consult a Consultant Radiologist. But both wife and daughter  were bit excited because of the scan to be done.

The wife let the patient stay outside a while and met me again.



"Doctor, is it anything severe? I worry because my daughter's wedding is also scheduled for this coming May.

Oh my god! I really worry about him.He cares nothing and never wanted to consult a proper doctor.He gets liquor.Is that the reason for the tumour doctor?"



"Mmmm….nothing to be afraid for the time being. Please continue the work related to daughter's wedding. But keep in mind, not to forget to come back to me with the scan reports as soon as possible



Both mother and daughter were consoled and sent home.






"Bro, I got a patient from you, whom reports were checked by me and directed to a surgeon with a refferal for a FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology). He will examine him.It is most probably a Magligancy."



"Yes, I think so.Let's wait and watch.Anyway I instructed them to meet me again."



After nearly one week,though I searched about that particular patient I didn't get a single news of him. Nimesh suspected that he could be directed to the cancer hospital at Maharagama.









"Brother, a lady came searching for you about 3 days now. Since you were not available, she left even without leaving a message.



Anyway, she arrived today too.So,I stopped her and got the message."



"Who was that? What was the message?" I was surprised.



" Did you issue a refferal to a cancer patient about two months ago?" 



"Oh yes! yes! what has happened with him.I was eager to find about him."



"The lady was his wife.He has got a cancer.But unfortunately, they have been informed that it cannot be cured since it is on his neck and now it is too late. Anyhow the lady was thankful to you because the illness could be detected even at this stage, because of your refferal.They were instructed to continue Radiotherapy."



"Anyway She will defenitely return.She was in a big enthusiasm to see you brother."



"Poor guys! What a pity! Will see.." and I entered my ward thinking about such patients.



Now onwards the life will become a burden for them.



I was happy that I could guide them to diagnose the illness but still worrying, why most of the people ignore their illnesses leaving themselves to suffer in future. 



Why many people do not follow precautions??