Multiple disasters reported around the country
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Multiple disasters reported around the country

Multiple disasters reported around the country

Provincial Disaster Management Centers (DMC) have reported multiple disasters across various regions, with heavy rains over the past few days causing widespread flooding and inundating numerous roads throughout the country.


Accordingly, traffic on the Badulla-Spring Valley road came to a standstill due to the fall of trees obstructing the road. The Badulla Disaster Management Unit has taken steps to clear the obstructions.


In Galle seveal roads in Neluwa, Thawalama, Udugama and Mapalagama areas went under water causing obstructions to transport due to the flooding of the Gin Ganga. 


Traffic on the Neluwa-Lankagama road too came to a standstill due to a massive eathslip in the Ratnadola area on the borders of the Sinharaja forest. 


All access roads to Neluwa hospital had gone under water bringing transport of patients and the hospital staff to a standstill. The expectant mothes and patients liable in need of emergency treatments were flown to the Udugama Base Hospital.


Earthslips were reported from several divisions in the Galle dirstrct.


Several villages and roads in the Pallewela area had gone under water when the Deegaloya  overflowed. This disrupted civilian life and caused obstructions to transport on the Pasyala-Giriulla road and Kaleliya Medagamapiriya road with all  by-roads linked to them going under water by last morning. The Kaleliya- Medagampitiya road was about three feet under water from the Pallewela Railway Station to Medagampitiya.


Hudreds of families were facing flood threats and hardship due to the breakdown of transport.