’Sinister move to remove me from COPF' - Harsha
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’Sinister move to remove me from COPF' - Harsha

’Sinister move to remove me from COPF' - Harsha

Chairman of the Committee on Public Finance (COPF) Dr. Harsha de Silva today alleged that there is a sinister move to remove him from his post.


“I have been told that signatures are being collected from COPF members to remove me from the chairmanship. I am willing to resign if I am not wanted,” he said.


“I had to face challenges when carrying out my duties as the Chairman of COPFF. I was to be removed following the stand which COPF held on the Value Added Tax (VAT),” he added.


Dr. de Silva said COPF was able to mediate and reveal facts on the sugar scam, and was able to come up with a proposal to reduce the PAYE tax to 24 percent.


Also, he said he had to use his personal funds to pay salaries to the staff involved with COPF.


“My pressure will go up because of these issues and I might die. I am also suffering from tension,” he added.